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Marshal Younger, Torry Martin,
Rene Gutteridge


Adam Drake and Torry Martin


Gabe McCauley


A financially desperate couple robs a mansion, and becomes the victims themselves when they are trapped inside of it by a dying Christian man who will not let them leave until they’ve made a decision to follow Jesus.

Ted and Josie Hoover were on top of the world. Ted had a high position at the “Mr. Mitzky Organic Gourmet Gluten-Free Dog Food” Company. He and Josie spent lavishly to live the life they felt like they deserved.

But one day, Ted made a terrible mistake that suddenly made him a national villain, and an internet joke. No employer would touch him with a ten-foot pole. The Hoovers’ finances were suddenly an issue.

Devastated and desperate for money, they come up with a plan to steal jewelry from the town millionaire, an old man named Dr. Drake who is about to donate all of his deceased wife’s jewelry to charity.   The plan is fool-proof:  break into his house, steal the jewels, and then pawn them with the full intention of paying him back once they get back on their feet. 

Unfortunately, Josie’s unkempt brother, Moochie, overhears the plan and wants to be involved.  Still, even with this handicap, they’re pretty sure they can pull it off.

What they don’t count on, and could never predict, is that Dr. Drake is having a sudden attack of spiritual conscience.  He’s saved lives for years, but realizes in his old age that he hasn’t yet saved a soul.  Determined to rectify this, he believes God has answered his prayers when he catches three burglars in his home, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system to keep them locked inside the house.  He had it installed after his wife, Iris, got Alzheimer’s.

Certain these three are going to accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior, Doc begins his quest to transform their souls.  Ted, Josie, and Moochie, however, are certain they’ve happened upon the creepiest house imaginable, full of secret rooms galore and no apparent way out!  Soon, though, they begin to learn more about their captor, and in turn, about their own disjointed lives.   Will the house and its owner drive them insane, or bring them closer to one another, and a God none of them has thought about in a long time? 

Cast & Crew Bios:

Will Ford

Will is a former U.S. Marine, a veteran of the U.S. Army and the son of United Methodist preacher.  He is a native of Savannah, GA and attended Benedictine Military School.  After serving in Desert Storm with the First Marine Division, Will completed his college degree and pursued a career in law enforcement achieving the rank of Detective.  He began acting in 2013 when he was cast as the villain, Deputy Clayton Book in Stand Your Ground.  His hero is his father, Rev. William H. Ford, Sr., who said, "Even when you fail or fall short, son, get back up and try again." Previous Credits: Stand Your Ground-2013, Valiant-2013, Heaven's Grace-2014

Catherine Trail

Catherine Trail hails from the hills of Kentucky where the acting bug hit her in high school.  With a long list of regional and national commercials, she entered into the world of film and found a passion.  Have wig, will travel!  She currently has several films on the festival circuit including "Virtuous" and "One Church."  After filming her role of Bonnie in "HeavenBound," she will always carry a quarter in her pocketbook.

Gary Ray Moore

Gary grew up on stage in Chicago and got the acting bug at a very young age. When he was 7 years old, he followed his performing sister, Debbie, to an acting class at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. Gary starred in the dramedy, The Bill Collector along Danny Trejo, played "Lars" in Return to the Hiding Place starring John Rhys-Davies, and is known as playing Kevin Spacey’s neighbor, "Jack Warton," in House of Cards.


Since his break out starring role as 'Mac McDonald' in Sony Pictures "The Grace Card" where he received outstanding reviews in both "The Hollywood Reporter" and "Variety", Michael Joiner has starred and/or co starred in no less than 12 Movies, including the upcoming "Chasing Grace" and "Partner Up." Michael is also known as one of the worlds funniest clean comedians. His comedy career spans twenty-five plus years, headlining major "A" clubs like LA's Improv and The Ice House, as well as New York City's HA Comedy Cafe. In 2008 Michael won 1st place at The Hollywood Improv's "Funniest comic in LA". In 2010 he was nominated in Nashville's "Christian Music Hall of Fame" Funniest Comedian of the year. Michael worked and studied acting in LA for ten years before moving back home to Kansas City,MO. where he now lives with his wife and three children.

Danny Vinson

Even though I have a minor in Drama from college... I did not begin acting until the age of 38, in 1995. "Heaven Bound" is my 50th movie credit as Principal Actor. Other credits:  "Walk The Line", "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", "The Walking Dead", "Army Wives", "Talladega Nights, the Ballad of Ricky Bobby", "42- The Jackie Robinson Story"....

Nancy Stafford

Nancy Stafford is known to millions as Andy Griffith’s law partner on TV’s Matlock.  She has been a series regular on six TV series, including the Emmy-winning St. Elsewhere, and stars in numerous films including Christmas with a Capital C, Christmas Oranges, A Season of Miracles, and Christmas for a Dollar.She is the author of two books, The Wonder of His Love, which Beth Moore calls "a warm embrace from God Himself", and Beauty by the Book , called by ASSIST News Service "one of the most valuable Christian books to be published in decades."  Nancy and her husband Larry Myers, a worship musician, have been married 25 years and live in Los Angeles.    Nancy is a popular speaker at conferences, churches, and universities.

Terri Minton

Terri Minton was born in Nashville, TN. She is the daughter of Charles (Sonny) and Norma Tillman. She has two sisters, Vicki Dukes and Lisa Dotson. When Terri was 5, she and her family moved to a farm in Mt. Juliet, TN, a suburb of Nashville. When Terri married David Minton, they built a house on the family farm and raised two daughters there, Chelsea and Sydney. Terri and David still live in that same house on the farm. Terri received her Associates Degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, then completed her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion at David Lipscomb University in Nashville. Terri began acting after her second child, Sydney, was born. Terri has been in numerous television commercials, industrials and music videos which have allowed her to work with many well known actors and artists. Her break in television came when she was booked for a role on Army Wives. This was followed with a role opposite Tim McGraw in the film Country Strong. Since then, Terri has been in several more independent films, short films and TV shows. Recently Terri played Dean Cain's wife in A Horse For Summer. Watch for Terri in the spring of 2015 when she plays Christopher Atkin's wife in The Sparrows movie and television show. Film Credits: The Sparrows: Nesting, A Horse for Summer, Little Savages, Summer Snow

Isaiah Stratton

With eight years in the Marine Corps adding to his life experience, Isaiah Stratton transitioned from a focus on theatre while in college to his film career. Known for his work opposite Academy Award nominee Edward James Olmos in INSP TV's western film "House of the Righteous" — as well as co-starring roles on ABC's "Nashville," The CW's "The Originals," and Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" — Stratton brings a deep preparedness and passion to each new character he embodies. Fun facts: Stratton worked as Bradley Cooper's shoot double on "Failure to Launch" and was also a featured football player in George Clooney's "Leatherheads" where he got to tackle John Krasinski repeatedly for one of the film's goal line shots.

Carla DeFranco

American actor, Carla DeFranco, has worked in Film and TV for over a decade. Her credentials are numerous in playing dramatic and comedic roles in several award winning independent films. Carla was trained in Meisner by Hollywood veteran Victor McCay and continues her studies on a daily basis, "Studying the craft is an ongoing daily adventure, it's part of life as an actor". In addition, she has trained for many years with some of the Southeast's finest coaches. When she is not studying, Carla fills her time writing screenplays and is currently "polishing up" her first feature screenplay to be produced next Spring. Most cannot keep up with this girl. A lover of life and people, Carla enjoys traveling the world meeting new friends and learning different cultures.

Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick

Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick (born April 1, 2004) discovered his love of acting at age 8 when he met actor Grayson Russell (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) on the set of Space Warriors. Since the age of 8, Grayson attended Hollywood Huntsville Film and Acting School. His film career began at the age of 10 and during his first year, he filmed 6 Feature Films, 4 Short Films, 2 Web series and 1 TV Series. Grayson's first feature film was Campin' Buddies with veteran actors Ray Stevens, Tom Lester, Don Most and Victoria Jackson. Later that year, Grayson filmed Man Down with Shia LaBeouf and Daddy's Home with Will Ferrell and Mark Walberg. Grayson is currently studying at Hollywood Huntsville Film and Acting School and he is also attends acting intensives with Los Angeles based Gray Studios. You can find Grayson's IMDb page at to learn more about Grayson's films, and representation contacts. Films: Campin' Buddies, Daddy's Home, Bad Apple, Bad Blood, The American Project

Sandra Elise Williams

Sandra Elise Williams considers her greatest contributions thus far to be her role as mother to three sons, as well as being an educator and actor. Her first role in a major motion picture was as Rachel McAdams' Aunt Jeanette in the classic love story, The Notebook, directed by Nick Casavettes. Her most acclaimed lead role to date has been in a series of Hallmark movies based on Beverly Lewis' novels from the trilogy, The Heritage of Lancaster County. Sandra portrays Rebecca Lapp in The Shunning and The Confession, produced and directed by the team of Brian Bird and Michael Landon, Jr.. She reprises her role in The Reckoning, filming in 2015.

Torry Martin

Torry Martin is an award-winning actor, screenwriter, comedian and author, best known for creating the delightful recurring character of Wooten Bassett for Adventures in Odyssey produced by Focus on the Family. Martin and his writing partner Marshal Younger, have written eight feature-length screenplays including the comedies “The Boonies,” “Helen of Troy, TN,” “Just 18 Summers” and “Heaven Bound.” They are currently at work writing “Washington’s Axe” for Triple Horse Studios and “Touchdown on the Tundra” for producer Honnie Korngold. An accomplished actor, Martin starred in the national touring company of Columbia Artist’s musical comedy, “Around the World in Eighty Fun and Wonderful Days.” He has appeared on The Learning Channel and the Fine Living Network; won top honors twice as both writer and actor in the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project; and has twice been named Grand Prize Winner for both Acting and Writing by the Gospel Music Association. His most recent acting roles include the Taylor Swift parody of “The Office” and the feature films “Taken by Grace,” “My Name is Paul,” “Skid,”and “Mountain Top.” Martin’s new book, “Of Moose and Men,” will released in May of 2016 from Harvest House Publishing.

Jamie Costa

Born in Charleston, SC, actor Jamie Costa has impressed the internet with his SNL-quality impressions on Vine and YouTube. After leaving the Citadel to pursue his passion for acting, he sharpened his dramatic and comedic skills throughout college, culminating in a prestigious internship at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center. Interning at Double Feature Films (Contagion; DJango Unchained) through the LAFSC honed his producing and directing abilities which used on the short film Shifter-featured at several festivals in the Southeast. Jamie has starred in several viral YouTube videos including the Chalk Warfare series and the Wolverine Fan Film. His most recent work includes Heaven Bound and Shadows of Man.

Bonnie Johnson

Bonnie Johnson was bitten by the acting bug at a very early age. As a teenager, she watched Billy Graham movies and was inspired to use her acting talent to glorify the Lord. She found her true passion in 1986 when she acted in her first feature film. Since then, Bonnie has had a principal role in over 85 films/TV movies and commercials and has worked with such stars as Denzel Washington, Tommy Lee Jones, Robin Williams, and Julia Roberts. One of her favorite more recent roles was Ralph Waite’s wife in the INSP short “Old Henry.” Bonnie has also worked with great Christian writers/directors in several independent films, including “The List” and “The Trial” by Gary Wheeler, “Dog Days of Summer” by Mark Freiburger, “Waiting for Butterflies,” and “Nowhere” by Richard Clark and Ryen Thomas - and “Praise Band” by Dave Moody. It’s a great honor to be part of the cast of Torry Martin’s wonderful comedy, “Heaven Bound.”

Vanessa Ore

A New York Native, with a background in Advertising, living in both NY and Los Angeles, Vanessa has always had a desire to be involved with the entertainment Industry and seemed to always be at the fringe. Then she dove in with both feet after moving to Charlotte NC more in 2003. Relocating with her wonderful family, gave her the fresh start needed and freedom to pursue a life long passion of Acting. She began with writing short vignettes for Churches then Business Conferences and Dinner Theatre. Some time later, segued into film and found her niche. Jumping into several years of Study with different coaches and groups, gave her the confidence and depth of understanding the craft.  Vanessa has appeared in several feature films as Supporting and Leading lady, "My Name Is Paul", “Broken Faith”, "Off Ramp to Eden", "Pendulum Swings", "Virtuous" and "Infliction" as well as numerous award winning Short films. Also, filming with Muse Watson (NCIS) in "Dark Resonance" Summer 2015. As Producer and Writer of the Short, My Name Is Paul, Vanessa received several awards in a variety of areas at Film Festivals across the Globe, and awarded Dove Award. This encouraged both she and her Husband, Trey, to go on to employ a Writer to make a screenplay for the Feature. Currently "My Name Is Paul" (the Feature) has sold out in several locations and is taking off internationally, being number 2 at the Box Office In Brazil showing in 500 Theatres there. Recently, Vanessa has been honored by being named, “Favorite Local Actress” of 2015, by Elevate Lifestyle Magazine in Charlotte, NC.

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